Author: Sarah Williams


Read in English here. Cuando vivo octubre, me arropo con más té, flores frescas y paseos largos. Cuando vivo octubre, recojo el aire; y aunque este octubre sea diferente, respiro y me dejo ser. Con mis complicaciones, mis cualidades y los ismos que llevo dentro. Hace unos octubres, quizá cuatro o cinco, concluí que quería […]


Leer en español. When I live October, I wrap myself with more tea, fresh flowers, long walks. When I live October, I collect the air; and though this October is different, I breathe in and let myself be. With my complications, with my qualities and the isms that I carry inside. A few Octobers ago, […]


I walk past the fruit shop every day except for Mondays, when I actually walk in and buy about 6 euros worth of fruit for the week. Mandarinas are in right now, and kiwis. I’ve been buying fresh ginger and lemon for the past month to fight off colds. It’s mostly been working so I […]


“Nothing is a straight line or even a labyrinth but a squirrelly maze I trace and retrace almost every day for whatever thoughts that might arrive as I walk in circles, truer circles described inside of circles, having learned that I need to get lost, a parade of one, to find my calling, then lost […]