looking out my window

I woke up this morning to someone playing “Beauty and the Beast” on a flute, somewhere from a window on the other side of our apartment building. I walk out onto the balcony, and so do our neighbors down below. We ask him to play another song, because today there is no rush. Today, there’s time. At noon, we hear a ballad of pans from children on a terrace. The metal music creates an echo between our buildings. From a distance, we smile at each other, and we feel close. Tonight at eight, we will see each other again. We Read More

mirando por la ventana

Me desperté esta mañana con la canción de la bella y la bestia. Un vecino tocaba su flauta desde su ventana. Salgo a la terraza y le escuchamos, yo y algunos vecinos de abajo. Le pedimos que toque otra, porque hoy no hay prisas. Hoy hay tiempo.  A las doce, los niños sacan las ollas y cucharas de madera. La música metálica hace un eco entre los edificios. Desde lo lejos, nos sonreimos, y nos sentimos cerca. A las ocho de la tarde, nos veremos otra vez. Saldremos a nuestras pequeñas terrazas, encenderemos las luces de los móviles y aplaudiremos Read More


“Nothing is a straight line or even a labyrinth but a squirrelly maze I trace and retrace almost every day for whatever thoughts that might arrive as I walk in circles, truer circles described inside of circles, having learned that I need to get lost, a parade of one, to find my calling, then lost again, to find my own way home.” Richard Cole, ” Walking in Circles” I find a lot of comfort in these words, knowing that this labyrinth-like path is not out of the ordinary. I pretend this isn’t the case. I have crafted my reality into Read More